ORC BORG is a zine-length standalone tabletop RPG wherein players are spacefaring orcs trapped aboard a gigantic trash-rocket known as the Derelict.

A collaboration between Grant Howitt (Spire, Heart, Honey Heist, Goblin Quest) and ROLLINKUNZ (FRAGNAROK, The DUNGENERATOR, GOBLINFINITE), it's powered by the MÖRK BORG engine - so it's fast, cruel, and obsessed with the apocalypse. 

GENERATORC makes diving into ORC BORG easy by quickly generating characters (stats and all), no dice necessary! Save those dice for when you really need 'em, like when a demon is about to rip your salvaged techno-arm off. 

- Press KILL to generate a new orc.
- Press KEEP to download the character sheet.
- Play with the toggle checkboxes to see what they do.
- Scroll down to see your orc's stats.

Words: Grant Howitt 
Sounds: Chandon Kunz 


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GENERATORC_windows_1-1-0.exe 44 MB
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