GOBLINFINITE.app ZOOG Edition v1.2 - Just In Time For The Holidays!

hot dog hot do hot diggidy dog

GOBLINFINTE.app v1.2 Is Here!

Wipe the sleepies from your eyes boys & girls, Santa has come early.

What’s that? You don’t remember Santa being a short, stumpy, smelly, slimy little goblin?

HAHAHAHAHAA! What a little goober you are. Now, please, remember to feed Santa your cookies with an open & flat hand, he’ll nimble your fingers otherwise.

And, oh my! Look at this! He’s left a little present under the tree for you!

Hmmm… You know, it’s not quite Christmas, buuut… Ah, what the hey, go ahead and rip that present open slugger! You deserve it!

What’s that? The box is rattling and hissing? You’re scared? It’s just now settling into you that we’re a bunch of strangers in your room pitching you an app? The ominous nature of this whole interaction is making that hot tingling static begin to creep over your cranium like an ill-fitting crown? You want out? You want to run?

HAHAHAHAHAA! What a little goober you are.

Here, I’ll help you open it.

WOW! Look at that kiddo! It’s a brand new version of GOBLINFINITE.app - ZOOG Edition! Version 1.2, it says right here on the side of the tin. How exciting!

Let’s read the back of the box to see what all the hub-bub is, aye bub?

  • NEW Select individual portions of your randomly generated goblin friends to “reroll” in order to craft your perfect companion
  • UPDATED Freshly squeezed UI to get what you want right at your fingertips, plus reorganized the output images to better fit what people actually use
  • TWEAKED Moved some stuff around, shuffled some papers, and sprayed some Febreze to make using the app better & smoother

Wow, I dunno about you champ, but this seems like, oh, I’d say at LEAST a $5 gift that would be perfect for the whole family!

And by whole family, I don’t mean that at all! Because, why would you grandma want this? Because all her real friends are dead and she relates to the goblin’s saggy baggy skin and decrepit odor? Wow! That sounds really awful and sad!

Anyways, GOBLINFINITE.app is bigger & better, and will continue along this trajectory until it combusts in upon itself like a goblin-laced supernova.

Until then, we, as always, hope you enjoy this latest update. Full changelog below! See you soon 🐸💚


  • removed some superfluous output images
  • replaced pathetic “”“helper””” text with more useful & intuitive UI
  • new TTRPG token image, foldable stand-up token
  • new UI for both the Sacrifice screen & Immortalization screen
  • goblin generation includes random color pickin’
  • new color-selection popup, now with lockable colors
  • brand spanking new “Reroll” popup, allowing you to individual reroll specific objects ! squashed some bugs, feed em to the gobbos


GOBLINFINITE.app - ZOOG Edition - windows v1.2.zip 91 MB
Dec 24, 2021
GOBLINFINITE.app - ZOOG Edition v1.2 - Linux.zip 167 MB
Dec 24, 2021
GOBLINFINITE.app - ZOOG Edition - android v1.2.apk 101 MB
Dec 24, 2021
GOBLINFINITE.app - ZOOG Edition - web v1.2.zip 85 MB
Dec 24, 2021


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